Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Healthy Spirits: New at Castro

1. Apostelbraeu Historic Roggenbier-$7.99/16oz

2. JW Lees Harvest Ale 2011- 25th Anniversary (special 750ml bottling finished with Champagne yeast)-$24.99/25oz

3. Ducato L'Ultima Luna (kickass Italian barleywine aged for 30 months in Amarone barrels)-$18.99/12oz

4. BFM Cuvee du 7'eme (sour biere de garde with 7 different aromatic hop varietals)-$22.99/25oz

5. Borgo Perle a Porci Italian Oyster Stout-$9.99/12oz

6. Harviestoun Brewery Schielhallion (warm fermented Scottish lager)-$7.99/16oz

7.Sinebyrchoff Porter-$5.99/12oz

8. Hambleton Ales Toleration (gluten free)-$9.99/16oz

9. t'Smisje Vuuve (witbier)-$5.99/12oz

10. t'Smisje Wostyntje (ale brewed with mustard seeds)-$5.99/12oz

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