Sunday, December 15, 2013

Me-topias, Utopias

Dearest Healthfully Spirited,

You may recognize the fellow toasting his tankard in the illustration above as none other than Samuel Adams. As a patriot and statesman his exploits are legendary, and I believe it is in that revolutionary spirit that Boston Beer Company created the quaff that bears his image. Sam Adams Utopias is now available at both Healthy Spirits locations. 22oz $199.99

Commercial Description:

Truly the epitome of brewing's two thousand year evolution, Utopias® is a blend of batches, some having been aged up to 19 years in  our Boston Brewery, in a variety of barrels. For this brew, the barrels are quite literally an ingredient, with different barrels producing intense layers of flavor that continue to unfold with each sip.  We began by using Jack Daniels barrels, but have continued to add to the array with Port pipes, bourbon barrels, congnac casks, sherry barrels, and most recently rum barrels.

Samuel Adams® Utopias® is brewed in small limited batches, each their own blend of different vintages. We brew Utopias® at a very high gravity using a wide variety of malted barley and a touch of maple syrup. It is then aged in a blend of scotch, bourbon, port and cognac casks from the award-winning Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Samuel Adams® Utopias® actually began with our first experiments with aging and blending in barrels with the creation of  Triple Bock® followed by Millenium®. It was with these brews that we began testing aging beer in barrels from various origins like bourbon, port, and cognac to discover each of their flavor contributions. Inspired by whiskey makers, we took the barrel aging process for Utopias® to another level by utilizing a variety of barrels and blending different vintages  to create a truly unique taste experience.

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