Friday, October 24, 2014

New Arrivals: Crooked Stave, Grimm, Dust Bowl, Rogue, Struise, Priarie and more...

New juice to spruce up your cellar or quench your thirst.


Prairie - Bomb!
(Imperial Stout brewed on Espresso beans, Cacaco Nibs, Vanilla Beans and Chili Peppers)

Crooked Stave - Autumn Provision Saison
(Saison brewed with autumnal herbs and spices, aged in Oak Barrels)

Crooked Stave - Autumn St. Bretta
(100% Brett, Blood Orange Wildbier, aged in Oak Barrels)

Grimm - Orgone Accumulator
(Farmhouse Ale brewed with Oranges)

Dust Bowl - Black Blizzard
(Russian Imperial Stout)

Rogue - XS Imperial Stout 2012
(Russian Imperial Stout)

De Struise - Tsjeeses Reserva 2012
(Belgian Christmas ale brewed with spices, aged )

Freigeist - Salzspeicher
(Raspberry Sour Porter)

Allagash - Curieux 10 Year Anniversary Magnum
(Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels)

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