Friday, December 12, 2014

New Arrivals: Almanac, Castle Brewery, Jester King and more...

The beer just keeps flowing into our stores.

Peep the list or just come on in to see for yourself.

Almanac - Saison Delores

Almanac - Tequila Barrel Noir
(Stout aged in Tequila Barrels)

Jester King - Das Wunderkind

Jester King - El Cedro
(Hoppy Cedar-aged Beer)

Jester King - Noble King
(Hoppy Farmhouse Ale)

Avery - Tweak
(Coffee Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels)

Castle Brewery - 2014 Samichlaus
(Ale aged in Oak Barrels)

Castle Brewery - 2013 Samichlaus
(Ale in aged in Oak Barrels)

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